Private Hunting, Plenty of Bragging Rights

The Drybuck Mountains may be just a short distance from Boise, but they provide an out-of-this-world opportunity for private hunting. This will soon be your go-to spot for elk hunting, deer hunting, whitetail hunting, bear hunts, mountain lion hunts, and turkey hunting.

Many types of game are available here, but we’re known for our excellent mule deer hunting — and our bear and lion hunting is some of the best in Idaho. Forget about competing against other hunters; thanks to our private land, you’ll have plenty of space to stake your perfect spot. We’re smart about managing the animals on our land so you’ll have a good shot … at a good shot.


(Tags and licenses must be purchased from Idaho Department of Fish and Game)

(All Hunts 4 day unless otherwise specified)

(Add $300/day for guided hunt-see details below)

  • Mule Deer Unguided

  • Elk Unguided

  • Cow Elk Unguided

  • Whitetail Deer Unguided

  • Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer Doe Unguided

  • Turkey Unguided

  • Bear

    $Call for pricing and availability. Draw area only.
  • Wolf Unguided

    Add to any hunt for $500
  • Mountain Lion Unguided

    Add to any hunt for $500
  • Mountain Lion Guided

  • Mountain Lion/Wolf Combo Guided

  • Mule Deer Guided (Guaranteed)


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    AMAZING!...Is an understatement! Lazy R Ranch is one of the best experiences we've had.We had our wedding there and received so many compliments on the venu. So a BIG thank you to the owners.


    Such an amazing place for a wedding!! Lots of spots for camping guest. Beautiful scenery!! So many compliments from our guest about Lazy R Ranch! It made it a girls fall mountain barn wedding come true!


    This is an amazing place to visit! Ranch is a family, 100+ years owned business that offer access to thousands of acres of pasture, hills, and wild life. We took a horse ride with our kids and had great experience.

    MIKE S