Premier Rustic Barn Weddings

Let us help you make your rustic wedding just the way you want it. We can help you create an event that perfectly suits the style and vision for your big day. Whether you’re going for an old-time chapel wedding or a blowout with all the bells and whistles, we can help.

Make Our Wedding Center Your Main Stage

You’ll have full access to our beautiful, loft-style barn. This timber building has been the setting for many ranch weddings over the years. The Lazy R Ranch is uniquely befitting for rustic weddings. Its rich heritage along the original route to Cascade, McCall, and the Thunder Mountain Mines give it a historically significant feel. The most interesting thing about the ranch is that it is not just a dude ranch set up to have the look and feel of a real ranch...It is a REAL WORKING RANCH. To this day the main use of the ranch is to raise cattle and train horses. It is not built in someone's backyard in the suburbs of Boise.

We’ve carried on the tradition of hospitality with this timber-lined Ranch House that can sleep up to 13 people. It’s full of amenities, including:
  • 1 king bed
  • 1 queen beds
  • 2 full-size beds
  • 5 twin beds
  • Bedding provided upon request (infant bedding, pack-and-plays, and cribs not provided)
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Washer/dryer
  • Stove/oven
  • Microwave
Very Comfortable Bridal Suites in our Barn:
  • 1 king bed
  • 2 queen beds
  • Private bath
We Can Handle a Crowd

Invite your guests to camp in our high mountain location for a true Western experience! Lazy R Ranch can accommodate up to 200 people in tents or RVs. Bring your card games, Frisbees, and volleyballs for some downtime fun.

Make Our Wedding Center Your Main Stage

You’ll have full access to our beautiful, loft-style barn. This timber building has been the setting for many ranch weddings over the years, and we can help you create an event that perfectly suits the style and vision for your big day. Whether you’re going for an old-time chapel wedding or a blowout with all the bells and whistles, we can help.

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    Standard Package (Barn, Ranch House, Barn Rooms, Basic Tables/Chairs, Grounds, Camping) 3-6kClassic Package (Standard + catering, DJ) 7-13kPremier Bride (Standard + Venue, catering, DJ, Photography, Decorating,) 12-18k

    Fri-Sun (3 day, 2 night)Thurs-Sat morn (3 day, 2 night)Sat Noon- Monday (3 day, 2 nightMon-Wed (3 day, 2 night )Tues-Thurs (3 day, 2 night)

    No problem. Just submit the form and we'll be in touch.


    We had the wonderful opportunity to go on a trail ride today at Lazy R Ranch. The views are breathtaking! We rode horses Kip and Moose—awesome! Thank you Jessica and Brian for a wonderful day!! Highly recommend Lazy R and we would love to go again and again!!


    Just went on a trail ride with my dad and had an amazing time! The horses were beautiful and well trained & the scenery was out of this world. Jessica and Brian are both wonderful people and made our first riding experience one to remember! We will definitely come back again and recommend our friends (:


    We recently had a small corporate retreat at the Lazy R Ranch. It was WONDERFUL!! The accommodations were fantastic. The Barn, our meeting place was stunning. Brian and Jessica, the owners were so helpful and accommodating.



    Some of our larger weddings are 250 people or more

    The venue is big enough that if you need/want to do the ceremony inside, you can. There are also big sliding front doors as well as side doors with overflow out on the porches that allow for expanding the space of the barn.

    Yes, These are my favorite. There are two rooms in the barn. Usually the bride and groom take one and bridesmaids or family take the other. This makes it so nice to have a place right inside the venue to get ready.

    For an actual hotel the closest place would probably be Eagle. We will have some bunkhouses that will be available if interested. We also sometimes have availability in a few off site cabins that are within a couple miles of the Lazy R. If interested feel free to contact us, or have your guests contact us if you have not reserved them.

    Yes, camping is usually complimentary as long as you book the rest of the facilities. This includes space for RV's

    There are electrical outlets on the Ranch House and the Barn if needed; However, for practical purposes, I would tell your RV people to plan on being self contained because the most popular spot to put the campers is out by the reservoir where there are no hookups. If the campers need water, they are welcome to come up dry and fill their tanks from one of the water faucets at the ranch. The water is great and comes from an Artesian well!

    There are no music ordinances or a time when the music has to be shut off. We ask that you not be inappropriate or destructive, but have fun and enjoy your evening!

    You can bring all the extra lights and decorations you want. No flame candles/lanterns/lights. 

    We supply 12 round tables and 100 chairs, as well as 4-6 of the 6 ft long banquet serving tables. We can provide hay bale seating for an extra cost. Same with linens. We do have an archway that is always there. You can use it or bring your own. We also have a decorator that is amazing!! 

    It totally depends on what you book. The typical wedding is Friday at 4:00- Sunday at 11:00. You could also do a Thursday- Friday or a Sat-Sunday for a cheaper rate if you choose. 

    Yes, if you need it. There is an extra cost. 

    Yes, that info is in the lease. Nothing that can't be easily cleaned up, especially inside the venue. Birdseed outside would be fine! Basically you're fine as long as the place and grounds look like they did when you found it and it doesn't cause damage or cost our cleaners extra time in cleaning. 

    We haven't had issue with parking in the past even with our largest groups. You can decide what locations you want them to park in for picture purposes.

    Usually $1000 but can change depending on when and what you book. 

    This is spelled out in the lease but, briefly, we take payment of the deposit upon booking. Then the rest is split into two separate payments due before the wedding date. The deposit is refundable after your event as long as everything is in good shape and there is no damage or excess cleaning. 

    No, however please be respectful and do not post nude or inappropriate pics on social media and then link them to our venue. Please do feel free to link your fun, beautiful, and interesting photos to our Facebook page or our website address. 

    Scheduling is totally up to you. I have seen people do it the evening after groups come in. I've also seen in the morning while everyone is getting ready and decorating, etc. You could have ceremony anytime Saturday for example, and cleanup/take down just needs to be done by Sunday morning. This makes it so nice to not be rushed and have to have everything cleaned up and taken down on Saturday night.

    Yes. We (like nearly all event centers) require a one time event insurance policy. Details of this requirement are in the lease and you'll need to show those details to your insurance agent in order to have the policy written correctly. Or, to make it easier we work with a company called RV Nuccio & Associates (, 1-800-ENGAGED) You can just call them and tell them you're getting married at our ranch and they already have all the wording on file for us so they can quickly get you out a certificate with little hassle. It usually costs around $125 and covers you and your guests for the weekend.

    Alcohol is allowed. We do not provide it. If you or your caterer are going to be selling alcohol we must have a copy of your liquor license on file. You may provide your own alcohol, but must follow all governing laws in the distribution of it, including not allowing underage drinking. 

    We have a list of caterers and other vendors that we recommend, but we do not require you to use any of our caterers.

    Horseback riding is very popular. Just let us know and we can make that available for you. You're also welcome to bring mountain bikes, hike the trails, or even bring ATV's if that's what you enjoy. Just make sure you ask where to ride because some areas are restricted to motorized vehicles. There are many miles of motorized vehicle access on public land just outside the ranch boundaries.